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Today Marks the End of Another Great Season

Perfect tracks. April 7th, 2018.

Open, 25º at 8:30 am and sunny. Forecast high today. 33º. Nice spring skiing. Lower trails open, Turkey, Woodcock, Snow Goose, Grouse, Lower Blue Jay groomed last night. Goshawk open, not groomed, there are some wet spots at the top of Goshawk you can ski around, but the groomer can’t get around.

It has been quite a season. From snow and really cold, to the spell in January, rain, warm, freeze, really cold, snow, repeat. A great start to February and the right back into the repetitive pattern of January. All turning around at the end of February and March to end with some of the best skiing in decades. And to think that it is now April 8th and we have great spring skiing. ... 

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If The Skiing Weren’t So Perfect, I’d Be Ready For Spring.

Perfect tracks. April 7th, 2018.

Open, 25º at 7:30am. Forecast high 34º and party sunny. The skiing is perfect and soft and wonderful. Because the high will be around 34º, you will need Maxiglide on no-wax skis. The photo above is from this morning about 6:00am. How does Ian get from the groomer to the photo taking spot without leaving boot prints?

Seven inches of new snow. Yesterday afternoon, before the snow was serious, I told Ian we didn’t have to be open for the weekend if we didn’t get enough snow to have good skiing. He told me we would be fine and the skiing would be good. Holy cow, he was right! ... 

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Home From World Cup Skiing For a Great Ski HERE!

Sophie is home!

Open, 15º at 7am and cloudy. 34º is the forecast high and cloudy with a chance of snow. The skiing is so wonderful. A nice packed powder base with really good tracks.

Sophie flew in on Monday after finishing 3rd in the overall World Cup Sprint standings . Lilly and Sophie had a great ski on Tuesday. Sophie and her team mates gets another day off at home today, and then she heads off to Craftsbury for Spring Series. Living out of a suitcase and in hotels for 4 months has to get old. Must be nice to have your own bed, your own pillow. Even the familiar smells of your own space. No matter how wonderful life is when you go away, coming home is great! ... 

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Another Great Day For A Ski

Good Morning Star Shine, Groomers Get the Best View of the Day!!!

Open, -0 at 7:30am. My favorite  temperature. The forecast high 22º. The sun is shining and all is right with the world. The skiing is great and the Chickadee is open again today.

The forecast high yesterday was 23º. It really went to 33º in the sun. That means you need Maxiglide, sometimes, maybe. You don’t hurt anything by using it, and the Maxiglide will keep you from sticking. ... 

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A Ridiculously Fabulous Redundant Ski Report

Mary in the middle of skiing the every trail.

Open, 15º at 7:30am. Forecast, 23º and cloudy, with the possibility of snow showers. Really, right this minute, the sky is blue and the sun is shining. And the skiing is so, so good and wonderful!

The photo above is Mary. She and Brian decided yesterday, while the skiing is great,  was the day to ski every trail. Someone asked me the other day how long that takes. The answer is anywhere from 2 to 8 hours. Mary and Brian skied all trails, at a leisurely pace in 5 hours, including food and pit stops. What a great day to ski it all! ... 

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Skiing Does Not Get Any Better Than This!

The tracks on a March 16, 2018.

Open, 20º another 4.2 inches of snow. 32 inches of snow at the stake. Forecast, flurries and 23º.  The skiing really doesn’t get any better than this! This is and will be perfect skiing. Forgiving and easy to ski on.

Ian spent the last 3 days packing and dragging the small groomer. He is out today in the Ranger (new machine) pulling the ginzu (new groomer). And the ginzu puts in a really nice double track.  ... 

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New Snow, Great Skiing! Best Skiing of the Year Thru the Weekend!

The kids had fun in the snow.

Open, 23º at 7am. Expected high 30º. 10.4 inches of snow in the last 24 hours.

  • 19 inches of snow in the last 48 hours.
  • Last weeks storm, 24 inches of snow.
  • 42 inches of snow in the last 8 days.
  • 50.5 inches of snow in March.
  • And a whopping 150 inches on the season.

I think we can call this an old fashioned winter. The skiing is wonderful, fabulous and quiet and peaceful. Ian has been grooming like crazy and the tracks are amazing.

The picture above is of kids in the Bill Koch ski program. They ski here on Wednesdays, and they enjoyed the new snow.  ... 

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