Skiing? Early Season Skiing With Your Season Pass

Closed/Open(for season pass holders.)

Temperature 29º at 7am.

New snow- 3.5 inches.

Snow at the stake- 8 inches.

You can come and ski if you have a season pass, and you are willing to ski around whatever is still out there. There are still a few wet spots and Ian is working at fixing everything. He has been around all trails with a snow machine. You will find some fantastic early season skiing out there, however in some spots the snow cover is thin. Bring the rock skis.  ... 

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Not yet.

Closed. 32º, five inches of snow at the stake.

But, the ground is white. It now hasn’t rained for a couple days. The five inches of snow are wet. Everything still needs to dry out and settle and then another snow on top before we can be ready to ski. The sledding, however, is pretty good. And today will be more igloos and a snowman. ... 

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Yoga Schedule November 16th through November 24th (Schedule at the bottom)

Warrior 3 is better with friends.

Warrior 3 is better with friends for support. Most things in life are. How often I go thru my day determined to get it done. My way or the highway. And preferably by myself. Since April, when I knew I needed a new hip, I have been better about accepting the help offered. Amazing to think I would need a reason. While on my crutches, after the new hip, I still wanted to do most things, “by myself” (when I write that and listen to what I just said, I actually sound like the 2 1/2 year old grandson), finally I decided to just say “thank you”. Accept any help offered and say “thank you”. Try it for a while see what happens. ... 

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Are You Ready For Winter?!!!

Time to think about skiing. Are you ready to buy your pass again, or are you ready to commit to the season for the first time. Having a pass can lower your stress level. Leave the skis in the car, drive out any old time and ski a loop, or many, and not worry about it. One long time season pass holder compares buying his season pass to belonging to a  CSA, commit and support.  ... 

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Yoga Schedule November 10th through November 24th (Schedule at the bottom)

This is next year’s wood, 12 cord ready to be moved in the spring. The wood for this year for the barn, 4 cords, was in by the middle of June, before my new hip. The wood for the sugar house for this year, 3.5 cords, was into the sugar house wood shed by the middle of May. BUT, we still have 6 cord out back to get into the basement. The wood moving day is November 10th, and next year I promise, we are moving the basement wood earlier. It is snowing right now. Tomorrow could be, ?not fun?. I am making chili, muffins, and cookies, it will be a party! But I know already my hands will be cold and wet. Next year! ... 

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Yoga Schedule November 1st through November 10th (Schedule at the bottom)

Paint Pots

My mom and I drove to Yellowstone Park on Wednesday. It has become our thing, drive to West Yellowstone, then to Old Faithful, watch Old Faithful go off, drive home. Old Faithful is now going off every 80 minutes, it used to be every 60 minutes or so. Guess we are all getting older and slower. We missed seeing the eruption this year and I’m not sure how many trips she and I have left. But it is always fun and I hear stories I’ve heard before and a few new stories.  ... 

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Yoga Schedule October 20th through November 10th (Schedule at the bottom)

Working on the new ski trail. This is going to be fun! Change is always good! Right! And this new trail is going to be great!

This week I had a few things happen that changed my plans. And my plans were great, checking things off the list so I can leave town. But sometimes you have to know when to surrender and when to quit butting your head against the wall. The lawn mower will get fixed. And then I can mow, or maybe the grass is short enough for the winter. ... 

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