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Ways to Pay

  1. Order online at our online Ticket Booth, passes and/or rentals. (RECOMMENDED. Fastest way to get on the snow!) We will have your sale on our system, tickets and/or rentals.
  2. Pay in the parking lot.
  3. Pay at the ski shop, passes and rentals. (You will be outside the shop.)
  4. Early seasons pass, buy online or mail a check for the correct amount to: Wild Wings, PO Box 132, Peru, VT 05152

Families that ski together.


Day Pass

Full Day



Adult $23 $19
Kids $12 $10
Team rate/person/must call ahead $12 $12

Season Pass

2022/2023 Season

Wild Wings• PO Box 132 • Peru, VT• 05152

December 20, 2022

December 20, 2022

Adult $200 $260
 Couple $375                               $440
Junior (6-17) $75 $110
Family (2 parents, your immediate family, up to 4 kids 22 and under.) $450 $500

Rentals – Ski Package or Snowshoes

Full Day


Adult $23 $19
Kids $12 $10
Pulk   $25/half day

Lessons by appointment

Group Private not available at this time
Private $50/person
*6% Vermont sales tax will be added to the price.  

Lots of kids skis


Lessons are available by appointment. But given some notice, we can usually work something out to fit your schedule. Private lessons, your family or pod, are by appointment and the price is $50 per person. Give us a call for availability, 802-824-6793.

Online Ticket Booth

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