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Below is a list of the Wild Wings daily skiing news blog with the most recent posts at the top.

New snow, not enough to ski on. But looking good.

By Wednesday morning there was 1 -2 inches of wet snow on the ground. The rest of Wednesday was freezing rain, rain and quite miserable, and not very pretty.

This morning (Thursday) it started to snow, lake effect snow. It snowed off and on all day, for a daily grand … more

Snow in the forecast. Time to think about your season pass?!

All of a sudden the warm fall temperatures are gone and winter seems to be making an appearance. Snow is in the forecast. As of Monday afternoon The Weather Channel is saying 3-5 inches, Tuesday night and 3-5 inches Wednesday. The National Weather Service is saying 1-2 inches and then … more

What’s been happening here!

Did a little painting and gave the barn a face lift. It was so dry, the wood soaked up gallons of stain!

Ian spent a lot of time in the excavator this summer and fall, continuing to smooth, flatten, dig out rocks, build ditches and put in culverts. This is … more

Closed for skiing. We are boiling maple syrup today.

We are closed for skiing. 31º at 7am. There was a little rain overnight and a little bit slippery out there. The sun is trying to shine though the clouds. The high temperature is suppose to be around 50º with sunshine.

It is a beautiful day to make maple syrup.… more

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