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Below is a list of the Wild Wings daily skiing news blog with the most recent posts at the top.

Season Pass Offer & Covid-19 Protocols/Getting Ready to Rock and Roll

Here is the yearly season pass offer. If you choose to get a season pass this is how we envision the Covid-19 protocol: Buy the pass. (Send a check to the address below.) The first day you ski, fill out the season pass contact info form. After that initial first ski, each …

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Working Toward Winter, and SKIING!!!!!

Our plan: We will be open for skiing this winter as soon as the snow allows. We will be following all recommended Covid-19 protocols. We will be …

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Not Open, Yes, It Snowed

We are closed. Even with 10 inches of new snow. We are trying our darnedest to stay put, and practice social distancing. Ian happens to …

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Closed, For The Year, Unless We Get A BIG Snow

Closed for the year, unless it snows, a lot! The photo above, thanks to Anna Terry, is Sophie and Wyatt on March 6th, last Friday. …

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