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Below is a list of the Wild Wings daily skiing news blog with the most recent posts at the top.

We are ready to smooth out some trails, and dig some ditches.

Holy smokes, that was fast! The excavator is here and ready to work. We bought it from a small business, one man shop in Worchester, MA. We looked, tested and decided on Friday, transferred money on Monday and it was delivered on Tuesday. One small business supporting another. This is … more

Getting ready to ski!

I hope your summer was fabulous. Happy Fall! May our winter be snowy and cold.

I spend my summer and fall days getting ready for winter. Pretty much all my days. If I am not mowing ski trails, I am mowing grass, I am cleaning out ditches, cutting, splitting or … more

What a season it was!

From start to finish it was long, intense, good, better, and great.

The Covid Shed arrived December 8, 2020. Three bundles weighing around 13,000 pounds. We knew we would have to hurry to get it built, but…..

On Tuesday, December 15th, the forecast was for 8 inches of snow to … more

And that’s a wrap.

Closed, 52º this morning and really foggy. All the warm days in a row did just what you would expect, melted snow.

The photo above is the second birthday party that happened here this week.

We had a great year, we had a lot of really good skiing. We were … more

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