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Below is a list of the Wild Wings daily skiing news blog with the most recent posts at the top.

Closed for skiing. We are boiling maple syrup today.

We are closed for skiing. 31º at 7am. There was a little rain overnight and a little bit slippery out there. The sun is trying to shine though the clouds. The high temperature is suppose to be around 50º with sunshine.

It is a beautiful day to make maple syrup.… more

One more last day.

Open, 37º and mostly cloudy. Spring skiing, variable conditions. Forecast high today 45º, and rain later. The earlier you can ski, the better.

It did not freeze overnight. So the snow is soft corn snow. 18km open and groomed last on Sunday.

We are still skiing, another last day. Not … more

One more day to ski!

Open, 23º and cloudy. A few flakes of snow are fallling. Forecast high 41º and becoming sunny.

18 km open for skiing. No Chickadee or Loon. Good mid-winter skiing this morning. Variable spring skiing this afternoon.

Knowing the base is hard and Saturday’s snow will melt fast, we are thinking … more

Open, almost all trails, (no Chickadee or Loon) packed powder.

Open, 11º at 7am. 5.5 inches of new snow. Forecast high 25º and some sun.

Almost all trails open, no Chickadee and Loon, are open. Ian is in the snow cat and Jonathan on the snow machine. Packed powder on a firm base.

This is ski it while you can … more

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