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Below is a list of the Wild Wings daily skiing news blog with the most recent posts at the top.

Skiing, loose granular, faster than powder.

Open, 37º and misting at 7:30 am. All trails are open.

That being said with this loose granular base start with an easy trail, that may be where you want to ski today. The loose granular base is faster than powder but very skiable. I did have to make some … more

Good spring skiing, variable conditions.

Open, 26º at 6:30 am and cloudy. Forecast high 40º and cloudy.

The big red groomer saves the day again. Ian is grinding up the snow and turning it into a nice loose granular, sugary snow. It is very skiable and nice to ski on. The low trails will be … more

New snow and good skiing.

Open, 22º and snowing. Forecast high is 40º and after 1 – 3 inches of snow, changing to rain later in the day. 25 km of classic skiing and 6 km of skate skiing. All trails were groomed yesterday. The skiing is really good. New snow on a nice base. … more

Variable, Spring Conditions Have Arrived

Open, 16º at 7 am and sunny. Forecast high today, 33º, and sunny. Variable conditions are now pretty much the rule for skiing. Changing with the temperature and the sun.

This morning Ian is grooming the low trails, Turkey, Snow Goose, Woodcock, Peregrine, and Grouse with the snow cat, and … more

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