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Below is a list of the Wild Wings daily skiing news blog with the most recent posts at the top.

Open, cold spring skiing

Open, 15º at 7 am and sunny. All trails open. Use your discretion about the softening of the snow, with the temperature, sun, and your ability. There’s still a packed powder surface mostly, with a firmer base. Watch for glazed areas.

Ian used a groomer last night to clean up … more

Open, spring skiing with new snow

Open,18º and dropping, the sky is blue and the wind is blowing. 1 inch of snow overnight, blowing around.

Open 9-5.

Forecast high 30º and sun.

The photo is this morning. The skiing isn’t perfect. It is slow. There are a few ruts under the new snow from yesterday. But … more

Great spring skiing; Wait until 11 to ski slow.

Open, 22º, the sun is rising to clear sky. High today 45º, blue sky and sunshine. Great spring skiing, hard and fast this morning, it’ll be a bit sporty with a few frozen ruts Softening around 10 am and slowing down by 11 am. All trails are open. Open 9-5 … more

Great spring skiing.

Open, 30º at 7 am and cloudy. Forecast high 39º becoming sunny.

Trails are being groomed as I type. The skiing is really nice spring skiing. All trails are open, about 17 km freshly groomed. Ian groomed Turkey, Woodcock, Snow Goose, Grouse, Goshawk, and Upper Peregrine. Jonathan groomed Chickadee and … more

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