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Below is a list of the Wild Wings daily skiing news blog with the most recent posts at the top.

Opening for Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Details to follow.

We will be opening for Friday, Saturday, Sunday (April 5,6,7). We will have 10 km of skiing. I will fill in the details tomorrow when I know more.

We had about 10 inches of snow total. The current temperature is 35º. We lucked out on the wind and didn’t have … more

Spring skiing. Fast until it is slow. No grooming today.

Open, 33º partly cloudy. Forecast high 45º.

The skiing is crunchy this morning. When it softens up, it will be fine spring skiing. Ian did not groom. The snow depth is getting thin. The ground is starting to poke though, but you can still ski around. This is our last … more

Open for a spring ski day. Firm and fast until the snow softens around noon.

Open, 27º partly cloudy and breezy. Forecast high 42º.

Ten km open, Turkey, Woodcock, Snow Goose, Grouse, and Peregrine.

The skiing is firm and quick early this morning. The snow will soften as we head toward noon. The skiing is fine, and will improve as it softens. No classic track … more

Closed. The snow still hasn’t frozen enough to groom, and the snow depth is shrinking fast.

Closed, 31º and cloudy. The depth of the snow pack is shrinking 3-4 inches per day. We are down to about 8 inches at the stake and 6 inches on the trails.

If Ian can do some grooming, and get some good skiing, we will open for the weekend. One … more

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