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Below is a list of the Wild Wings daily skiing news blog with the most recent posts at the top.

Ahh, The Weather

Beautiful sunrise kind of morning. Not today, but we need beauty, and this is coming in the next few days!

Closed today. 32º at 7am and raining. The forecast for today: temperature rising this morning to around 40°, then falling this afternoon. The rain will possibly change to snow, minimal accumulation expected. Ian will start grinding it up as soon as the temperature is cool enough and the snow dry enough, we expect to...   read more

Two Days Off, We Hope To Be Open Again Saturday

In the north field on Wednesday, 2/6/2019.

Closed, 31º, cloudy and the trees are covered with ice.

The forecast is for 36º today.  The ice will melt out of the trees. Tonight 32º and periods of rain and freezing rain. Tomorrow, warmer and still rain showers. The high temperature on Friday around 43º with the temperature falling Friday night. Saturday morning,...   read more

Snow, Skiing, Fun and Sun

Open, 19º and sunny. Clouding up later. We are skiing on the Woodcock, Snow Goose, Turkey, Grouse, and the Goshawk to the Upper Peregrine. Ski where Ian has groomed. He is grinding up the snow, it is a loose granular. VERY skiable, but fast. And after Monday fast is welcome.

The weather as all of you know turned...   read more

We Have Skiing!

Photo from December 2018…not today!

Open, 39º at 7am. Cloudy skies. The forecast high is around 40º with the temperature dropping during the day. Loose frozen granular snow, so faster than yesterday. 24 km classic and 4.5 km skate trails open.

The weather is taking a temporary blip. Warm then cold, and over again. So the skiing will be faster for the...   read more

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