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Below is a list of the Wild Wings daily skiing news blog with the most recent posts at the top.

Closed/Open for season pass holders

Different state and they just keep skiing. 3/28/2019

Closed/Open for season pass holders, 27º, sunny. Two inches of snow overnight. The snow underneath is hard. Tuesday the temperatures will warm up and the skiing will be spring skiing. Variable conditions.

And, everything is covered in snow again. It is beautiful. If you have a season pass and you ski today, you will...   read more

Open For Season Pass Holders

What a year it was. Lots of really great skiing. 3/12/2019

Open for season pass holders, 46º, sunny, right this minute. Rain later this morning as a cold front moves thru. Cold this afternoon. Freezing tonight. The skiing Monday will be really fast and hard. Tuesday, the temperature will warm up and the skiing will be good, corn spring skiing. Variable conditions.

One of the...   read more

And We’re Closed

Still a lot of snow left up in the hills. 3/28/2019

Closed, 35º and cloudy. We are expecting rain today and a high of 45º. Rain forecast today, Saturday and Sunday, and we are closed. We will see what is left next week and we’ll let you know.

The photo is from Thursday, the 28th, there is still some snow left in the woods.  The road has been ok, and the rain actually...   read more

One More Time

Our friend Larry, 3/24/2019.

Open, 23º and sunny. Expected high today 49º and clouding up. Skiing today is typical spring skiing. Hard and fast in the morning, as the sun hits the snow and the temperatures rise, the snow softens and slows down. With spring skiing you should expect variable conditions. Faster in the shade and slower in the sun....   read more

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