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Below is a list of the Wild Wings daily skiing news blog with the most recent posts at the top.

Open, and the skiing is looking good.

this morning, on Grouse

Open, 17ºs at 6:30am, partly sunny. Forecast high 30º. We have 17km open. It’s a “sugary,” loose granular surface…very nice to ski on, a little faster in the shade, a little slower in the sun. Another great day for a ski.

Ian is in the snow … more

Closed for the day. The plan is to see you tomorrow.

Photo from last February, 2022! This wonderful machine will be the machine of choice Friday morning.

Closed today. 31º at 7am. 2.7 inches of new snow. Then we had sleet, ice, and rain. The 2.7 inches are heavy and wet.

The weather today, steady temperature, then dropping, forecast for some … more

A fantastic day of skiing!

Open, 22º at 6:30am. Mostly cloudy.

The forecast is for snow today. Mixing tonight and tomorrow. If it changes to rain and or ice we will be closed on Thursday. Reopening on Friday for a great weekend of skiing!

The skiing today: pretty darn good. All trails are open except … more

20 km open. Yes, Chickadee!!!!

Open, 26º at 6:30am. 8.5 inches of snow for a storm total.

20km open today. Turkey, Woodcock, Snow Goose, Grouse, Peregrine and Chickadee. A work in progress, Middle and Upper Blue Jay.

All the grooming was done last night, which makes for a great packed powder surface. New snow, packed … more

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