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Below is a list of the Wild Wings daily skiing news blog with the most recent posts at the top.

And We’re Open. Read the whole report!

Open, 22º at 7am, and cloudy. 3.4 inches of snow last 24 hours. Storm total, 11.7 inches of snow.  This feels weird, but almost 12 inches of snow and we feel like it was a dud.

Ian has been around and around packing out the trails. Parts of the trails are decent, and parts are really thin. Remember, we had...   read more

Not Quite Yet

Clsoed. 24º at 7am and snowing. The plan is to have some skiing on Tuesday. Stay tuned.

We had a lot going on at 6am this morning. Ian packing out the snow and Chuck plowing the parking lot.

Chuck measured 8.3 inches of snow. Not quite enough to get skiing today. It will pack out to a nice base, but we need today’s...   read more

Are You Ready For Some Snow? We Are!

Fixing the problematic culvert on the Loon!

Closed. 7º at 7am, a red sky sunrise, and we are expecting snow. Wild Wings is in the 10″ to 20″ range. We will open as quickly as we can get the snow packed out.

And look at this fix on the Loon by Ian, Bill and Dick! Ian is hoping this will be the fix for a few...   read more

Winter Is Coming! Must Be Time To Get Your Season Pass

Buy your season pass now, and get ready for Winter! Your season pass will allow you to ski any day we are open, and we allow season pass holders to ski some days pre and post season. We participate in the VT Reciprocal Program, which allows you to ski one day at participating centers throughout Vermont.

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