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Below is a list of the Wild Wings daily skiing news blog with the most recent posts at the top.

We were open Thursday. Now closed again. Waiting for snow.

Updated Thursday at 6pm. We will be closed and needing more snow. Maybe Sunday?

Open, 21º, blue sky. 6.4 inches of snow. The forecast high is 41º. Variable spring skiing, some thin spots becoming bare spots as it warms up. Ski it while you can.

Ian packed last night and … more

Alrighty then, let’s ski!

We will open for skiing again Thursday morning. Filed right up there with, “who knew”, and “what the hell”.

Low trails only to start and Ian will see about getting the upper trails open in the morning.

The temperature is 25º at 6:30pm on Wednesday. The snow started falling about … more

And we are closed, waiting for more snow.

Closed, 38º and raining. It has rained more this morning than the earlier forecast. We are now closed hoping to get more snow and get a little more skiing in March.

If you walk today make sure to check out the ice on the brooks. The changes can be amazing.… more

Come on over and watch our snow melt. One more day of skiing.

Open, 28º at 7am and partly cloudy. Expected high around 55º and some rain possible.

All trails are open. To begin the day the skiing will still be pretty darn good on 90% of the terrain. There are some thin spots here and there, for example, under the hemlocks on … more

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