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Below is a list of the Wild Wings daily skiing news blog with the most recent posts at the top.

Cold, spring skiing. Sugary, loose granular.

Open, 28º at 7 am, blue skies and sun! Cold spring skiing. The forecast high is 34º, sun all day. The middle of the day the snow will be the softest, when the sun is the highest, today, 11 to 3 ish. (Tomorrow daylight savings time starts and the time … more

And the skiing will be fast.

Open, expected high in the morning 16º and sunny, with the day time high around 24º. Ian will be grinding up the snow with the snow cat, but let’s not pretend. It is going to be fast. The best skiing will be between 11 and 3 when the sun has … more

Closed, the road is just too darn soft and muddy.

Closed for skiing on March 12, Friday. Too warm and the road just went to mud. Very soft and muddy in quite a few places. So stay off for Friday, we will be skiing again on Saturday and Sunday, the temperature is suppose to drop and the road will freeze … more

Spring is in the air, today.

Open, 38º at 7 am and cloudy. Expected high 60º and sun and clouds. Good spring skiing, corn snow and all trails open.

The road was firm this morning, but it will soften up and get muddy. If/when you hit mud, aim high, drive slow and don’t stop.

We are … more

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