Closed. Eleven inches of heavy, wet, sloppy snow on top of not much base.


Closed. 11.4 inches of snow overnight. The temperature at 8 am is 31º. The forecast is for snow off and on during the day with very little new accumulation and the temperature going up to 37º. Tonight, a low of 22º and another inch or two of snow. Monday snow and wind, high temperature of 32º.

To get open again we would need this snow to dry out, and then get it packed down enough to have some base. By the time the snow could be skiable, the sun, rain, and temperature might do it in, again.

Here is what the trails looked like yesterday, before the new snow. Some snow, some ice, some dry trail, and some ponds.

And here are two photos from this morning. Most of you know Peach, the snow is up toward the top of her legs. Otis (brown dog) hasn’t been at the barn much, he is tall, so not as easy to measure with his photo.

And a few random shots from outside this past week. The first two photos are on the Middle Blue Jay. This is one of the trees that came down in the last big wind storm. The second photo is porcupine scat under the rock house, where a porcupine has lived for 30 years. The third photo, that little green sprout is a Fiddlehead fern sprout. And the 4th photo, look in the lower left corner, is rhubarb poking up. (Really, really early for Fiddleheads and rhubarb.)

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