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Yoga update. No classes October 11th-Oct 31, 2021. And the links to classes when I am here.

The mushrooms and fungus have been putting on a show. If you haven’t walked in the woods, get out there!

I will be on vacation October 11th – the 31st. We are taking a break.

If you need the online codes/links here they are. The links haven’t changed, so if … more

We are ready to smooth out some trails, and dig some ditches.

Holy smokes, that was fast! The excavator is here and ready to work. We bought it from a small business, one man shop in Worchester, MA. We looked, tested and decided on Friday, transferred money on Monday and it was delivered on Tuesday. One small business supporting another. This is … more

September 27, 2021

We are working on getting ready for ski season! Mowing trails, clearing down trees. Picking up sticks, and moving water away from the trails. There are a number of people walking the trails, it is a lovely walk, and you are welcome to park in the parking lot and walk … more

Getting ready to ski!

I hope your summer was fabulous. Happy Fall! May our winter be snowy and cold.

I spend my summer and fall days getting ready for winter. Pretty much all my days. If I am not mowing ski trails, I am mowing grass, I am cleaning out ditches, cutting, splitting or … more

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