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Zoom Yoga Schedule April 4th thru April 14th

April 4th, Saturday at 8:30 am, slow flow Join URL: April 6th, Monday at 9 am, slow flow  Join URL: April 6th, Monday at 5:30 pm, slow flow  Starts April 13th April 7th, Tuesday at 7:30 am sore and stiff  Join URL: April 10th, Friday, 7:30 am… more

Zoom Yoga Schedule April 3rd

The Way of Zen. That is quite a list. There are a couple practices we can do with this list. Pick one thing and practice, that one, until is what/who you become. Or take the list and apply the appropriate line or action to your current situation. For example, I… more

Not Open, Yes, It Snowed

We are closed. Even with 10 inches of new snow. We are trying our darnedest to stay put, and practice social distancing. Ian happens to be the best at this with Chuck a close second. Me, staying away from other people I like,  is not really what I am good… more

Yoga Cancelled For A Couple Weeks, We Will Reevaluate April 1st

All yoga classes are canceled until further notice. We will reevaluate April 1st. I hate to do it, but we are all better off outside in the Magic Forest! I will let you know as soon as we can get together again. May you be healthy,
May you be well,… more

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