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What a season it was!

From start to finish it was long, intense, good, better, and great.

The Covid Shed arrived December 8, 2020. Three bundles weighing around 13,000 pounds. We knew we would have to hurry to get it built, but…..

On Tuesday, December 15th, the forecast was for 8 inches of snow to … more

March 27, 2021

Closed for the season. It has been a great season. The record warmth from the last few days melted snow at a really fast pace. We went from almost total coverage. To bare spots and puddles of water/ice. Thanks for a great year!

And that’s a wrap.

Closed, 52º this morning and really foggy. All the warm days in a row did just what you would expect, melted snow.

The photo above is the second birthday party that happened here this week.

We had a great year, we had a lot of really good skiing. We were … more

And today, one more last day of skiing?

Open, 46º at 7 am and cloudy. Forecast high today, 65º, maybe some sun this afternoon. Corn snow skiing. All trails open, there are bare spots emerging here and there. No new grooming. Standard spring ski saying: nothing you can’ t ski over or around. The snow and the skiing … more

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