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Closed. The snow still hasn’t frozen enough to groom, and the snow depth is shrinking fast.

Closed, 31º and cloudy. The depth of the snow pack is shrinking 3-4 inches per day. We are down to about 8 inches at the stake and 6 inches on the trails.

If Ian can do some grooming, and get some good skiing, we will open for the weekend. One … more

Closed for the day.

Closed. 38º and rainy. The snow didn’t freeze overnight and is very soft.

The temperature is suppose to go to 30º tonight. If the snow gets firm enough to groom, we will open Friday. Friday night will be colder, so it looks like we will get a few more days … more

Season Pass holders only on day with snow on the ground and rain predicted.

Season pass holders may ski. 32º at 7:30 am and drizzle.

10 km Woodcock, Snow Goose, Turkey, Grouse and Peregrine. The snow is getting a little soft in a few spots.

Chuck’s mom used to say, “Toe to snow is fine.” You will just need an outer waterproof layer.

It … more

Turkey and Grouse groomed last night. Woodcock, Snow Goose and Peregrine will be harder and faster this morning.

Open,27º, cloudy, with an expected high of 40º.

10 km open. Turkey and Grouse groomed last night, loose frozen granular. Woodcock, Snow Goose and Peregrine, harder and fast, will soften as the temperature goes up, maybe around noonish. Or stick to the Turkey and Grouse.

Spring skiing. hard early and … more

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