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Waiting for the snow…………

Closed, waiting on the forecast snow. 32º at 7 am and cloudy.

The forecast is for 6 to 10 inches of snow, the temperature dropping during the day, and wind.

If we get enough snow we will be open Sunday. The low Saturday night is 9ª, and the high Sunday … more

Closed today, waiting for snow.

Closed, 21º and sunny. Forecast high 43º, starting out sunny, becoming cloudy later in the day.

The forecast right now is for rain overnight and into Saturday morning, turning into snow and snow Saturday. We are in the 5 to12 inches of snow, depending on which part of the forecast … more

We were open Thursday. Now closed again. Waiting for snow.

Updated Thursday at 6pm. We will be closed and needing more snow. Maybe Sunday?

Open, 21º, blue sky. 6.4 inches of snow. The forecast high is 41º. Variable spring skiing, some thin spots becoming bare spots as it warms up. Ski it while you can.

Ian packed last night and … more

March 12, 2022

Closed. Waiting for the new snow. Our best guess is 6-10 inches of snow today (Saturday). Open on Sunday with 10km (maybe more) . The low temperature on Saturday night is 9º and the high Sunday 26º. Maybe we will get to ski Monday too, but Monday looks warm.

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