Open, limited skiing. 7 km open.


Open, 28º at 7:30 am, blue sky and the sun is shining, great day to be outside. We have groomed 7 km. Best skiing early this morning.

Spring skiing- With a forecast temperature of 45º, Maxiglide will be needed on no wax skis today. The skiing will get soft in the middle of the day. Then get fast toward the end of the day. Wednesday and Thursday, fast in the morning and late in the day, slow during the middle of the day.

The two photos are from this morning. The sun is more north on the horizon every day. (I take a photo from this angle often during the season).

You can see how the snow has groomed out, mostly good to really good, with a few humps and lumps here and there. Ian shoveled the wet spot on the Peregrine and moved many big branches.

The ground is so wet and not frozen in many places. Many trees with shallow roots just blew over. So many have fallen on the trails we could only open 7 km.

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