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Below is a list of the Wild Wings daily skiing news blog with the most recent posts at the top.

Winter is back! Mid-winter skiing to start the day.

Open, 13º at 7:30 am. Storm snow total, 24.6 inches. Soft fluffy wonderful, sparkly snow.

10 km, the low trails. Turkey, Woodcock, Snow Goose, Grouse and Peregrine.

Classic skiing will be better than skate skiing until the skate lane to hardens up.

Parking is limited due to mud. Carpool if … more

Open Sunday morning. Ten km.

Open on Sunday morning. 18 inches so far and still snowing. We have waited all day for the snow to turn to a mixed precipitation and the snow continued. Jonathan has been on the snow machine and Ian is in the snow cat, and winter is here for another couple … more

Not today. Planning for Sunday if all goes well.

Closed. We are hoping to open Sunday. The temperature is 22º at 7 am and the overnight snowfall was 7.3″.

We have lost so much base. In places we lost all the base and in some places there is still ok base and in some places the there is a … more

One more spring day. Fast and not great this morning. Slow and mushy this afternoon.

Open, 32º at 7 am and the sun is coming up to clear sky. The forecast high today is 55º, and clouding up late in the day.

The Turkey, Grouse and Peregrine are open.

Right this minute the snow is hard and fast and frozen the way the mush left … more

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