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Below is a list of the Wild Wings daily skiing news blog with the most recent posts at the top.

Hard and fast early. Softening as the temperature rises and with the sun.

Open, 3º at 7 am, clear sky and the sun is rising. Forecast high 33º, and sunny.

23 km open, loose frozen granular surface on a hard pack base. Spring skiing at its finest. It will be hard and fast early, and soften with the temperature and the sun. This … more

Loose frozen granular skiing. We love our powerful machine!

Open, 18º at 7 am, cloudy. Forecast high 18º, and the sun might poke it’s way thought the clouds.

17 km open, loose frozen granular surface on a hard pack base. Piston Bully groomed this morning, that means power tiller on the low trails. Keep reading……….

Specifics, Ian used this … more

One inch of new snow on a packed powder base.

Open, 30º at 7 am, and snowing. Forecast high 40º, snow this morning and maybe a little sun this afternoon. You will need Maxi Glide on no wax skis. (Ask if you don’t know.)

23 km open, packed powder base, with new snow on top. We are not grooming today. … more

Another great ski day. The weather is changing, get out and ski.

Open, 14º at 6 am, a great sun rise to blue sky. Forecast high 38º, with sun and clouds.

23 km open. Ian groomed Turkey and Grouse last night. The skiing is fantastic, this is as good as it gets, the snow, the weather, the temperature, the blue sky. (The … more

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