Turkey and Grouse groomed last night. Woodcock, Snow Goose and Peregrine will be harder and faster this morning.


Open,27º, cloudy, with an expected high of 40º.

10 km open. Turkey and Grouse groomed last night, loose frozen granular. Woodcock, Snow Goose and Peregrine, harder and fast, will soften as the temperature goes up, maybe around noonish. Or stick to the Turkey and Grouse.

Spring skiing. hard early and softening with the sun or temperature. We do not expect to see the sun today, so we are counting on the temperature to soften the snow. Some skiers will like the quick skiing on Peregrine or Woodcock, and some skiers will need to stick to the Turkey or Grouse until the snow softens to their liking.

Grooming last night gets us very nice tracks. This is what the Turkey and Grouse will look like. The last photo is skiers having fun in deep snow. That is what it is all about.

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