If The Skiing Weren’t So Perfect, I’d Be Ready For Spring.


Perfect tracks. April 7th, 2018.

Open, 25º at 7:30am. Forecast high 34º and party sunny. The skiing is perfect and soft and wonderful. Because the high will be around 34º, you will need Maxiglide on no-wax skis. The photo above is from this morning about 6:00am. How does Ian get from the groomer to the photo taking spot without leaving boot prints?

Seven inches of new snow. Yesterday afternoon, before the snow was serious, I told Ian we didn’t have to be open for the weekend if we didn’t get enough snow to have good skiing. He told me we would be fine and the skiing would be good. Holy cow, he was right!

And this is what we did yesterday. Ian has been sawing on the new wood pile. Some of the wood is covered in gravel from being skidded out, and that dulls the chain on a chain saw in a hurry. He has cut up about 18 logs, all 24 inches long. The 24 inch will be split and are used in the house furnace or the sugar house. We then need to cut 17 inch for the ski shop and warming room stoves. The sauna burns better with 16 inch. 



    • Cliff Dutton on April 9, 2018 at 5:30 pm

    Well, how does he get photos without foot tracks? Does he have a photographer accomplice? He’s being much too quiet. Surely pointing out the tracks conundrum was to bate him to chime in. Did he loose his phone?

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