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Mar 11 2018

The Skiing is SO GOOD!!!!!

Ian, as groomer, catches more great shots in the early morning light.

Open, 23º at 7am. The forecast high 32º. Partly cloudy.

All trails open and the skiing is fantastic!!!

  • Don’t overdress. Fewer, thinner, layers.
  • Bring your Maxiglide or buy some here. Put it on once you get here. (Experience speaking.)
  • Ski at your ability level. Skiing on harder trails, with the plan to walk down the hills is a really bad plan. It wrecks the tracks Ian worked so hard to make and makes the skiing for everyone behind you, all day, awkward and more difficult. SO, do not walk in the trail.
  • When you ski  with in your ability level the skiing is safer and more fun.
  • Pay attention to the snow beside the trails. The animals will be moving and you should be able to see some good animal tracks. There was a mink slide spotted on the Blue Jay at the “Junction” a week ago, watch for it.
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    Mar 01 2018

    Another Spring Ski Day, and Then March Comes In Like a Lion

    Ben having fun, flying thru the air!

    Open, 37º at 7am. Forecast high 44º. And snow in the forecast for Friday. 

    Skiing today is, again, spring skiing at it’s finest. Nothing out there you can’t ski over or around. Sounds like there will less sun this morning, and a little more sun this afternoon.

    And the forecast, so far for us, unless the storm moves some other way, is 4-8 inches of snow according the National Weather Service Winter Storm Watch, with localized amounts up to 10 inches are possible. Another round of snow, another weeks worth of skiing. So goes the year. ... 

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    Feb 19 2018

    Really, What Are You Waiting For?

    Beautiful tracks and another great sunrise.

    Open, 13º at 7am, forecast high 42º. All trails are open, 24 km. Chickadee is still open, what are you waiting for?!

    Skiing is really good again today. Ian first set tracks and then skied just to be able to take this picture for your pleasure. Thanks again, Ian.

    The picture above is on the Lower Bluejay this morning. The picture below is on the Chickadee yesterday. ... 

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    Feb 18 2018

    Skiing Is Great

    Open. 24 degrees.  6. 8 inches of snow overnight. What a wonderful way to wake up!

    Expected high of 35 degrees. The skiing will be amazing. All trails groomed (today!), it is absolutely beautiful.

    This is what you’ve been waiting for. Fresh snow. Warm, pleasant temperatures. The trees have snow sitting in the branches. It’s the snow globe look. The snow muffles the sound and the woods are quiet. ... 

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    Feb 17 2018

    All smiles

    The skiing was amazing today! With 3-7″ of snow forecast for tonight!!

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