Happy Skiing, Happy Spring


 Open, 39º at 8:00 am and partly cloudy. 39ª is also the forecast high, with sun forecast for this afternoon.

Spring skiing, variable conditions, corn snow. Ian groomed the Blue Jay, Chickadee and Goshawk last night, put in a new track. All trails open except the Loon, too many bare spot. Chickadee is still open, with wet spots, Ian said, you will get your feet wet. The first hill has melted out, expect to take your skis off and walk a little. 

There is still plenty of skiing, Martha skied about 4 hours yesterday, laps on the Middle and Upper Blue Jay. The Woodcock, Snow Goose will be lovely. 

And the road. The road is good. I was afraid we would get a second mud season, but we have not. The road was really bad the end of February/ beginning of March. This time around all we had were pot holes, and the road crew guys graded the road this week, so the road is relatively smooth.

As you are skiing watch for caterpillars and wooly bears. Snow fleas are around and you can see them more in the snow under evergreens. The 3 littles are checking out a caterpillar, I am guessing this caterpillar became bird food. Ah, the circle of life.



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