And Spring Continues


 Open, 25º at 7 am , cloudy. Forecast high 38º, the sun is suppose to shine this afternoon.

“Spring skiing,” said the nice Norwegian lady yesterday. I told them about the skiing, hard and fast in the morning and late in the day, slower during the middle, warmer, sunnier part of the day. And she said, “Spring skiing. Best skiing of the year, the Norwegians all take Easter week and go to the mountains and ski. The sun is shining, the sky is blue, and the skiing is wonderful.” So this year we get to have a Norwegian Easter ski week. When the temperatures warm the snow and the sun comes out, you can hop on your skis and pretend you are in Norway, or perhaps just let your Norwegian blood come though a little. And smile and enjoy the glide.

The sugar house was busy yesterday! Boiled down 11 gallons on Sunday and the total for the year is now 74.75. To us this seems like so much. Chuck went to Bascoms last week. A big place in New Hampshire. They sell sugaring supplies to all the local sugar makers. They also make syrup. The have lots of their own taps and they buy sap from other people. There are people that tap trees, gather the sap and sell the sap to someone else. So, anyway, at Bascoms, they have made, as of last Friday, 37,000 gallons of syrup. To me that seems like a lot. For them that is just business as usual. 

This is Martha, and she is excited.

This is Martha. Martha skied 5 hours on Saturday, and not as much on Sunday. Maybe only 4 hours. She told me she didn’t mean to, but the skiing is so great she just couldn’t stop.


    • Margaret Williams on April 2, 2018 at 3:46 pm

    Hi there. I eagerly read your posts from here in Boston as I try and figure out if there’s enough snow to get one last time in. I see it’s supposed to rain on Wednesday. Do you think there’s enough cover to withstand it to ski on Thursday until the storm blows in on Friday? I usually do the snowmobile trails at Mad Tom Notch down the road from you because I have a pup that goes with me. Thanks so much!

    1. We still have snow. Mad Tom Notch had been closed this year, due to logging. Try the Danby MT Tabor road with your pup.

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