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Today Marks the End of Another Great Season

Perfect tracks. April 7th, 2018.

Open, 25º at 8:30 am and sunny. Forecast high today. 33º. Nice spring skiing. Lower trails open, Turkey, Woodcock, Snow Goose, Grouse, Lower Blue Jay groomed last night. Goshawk open, not groomed, there are some wet spots at the top of Goshawk you can ski around, but the groomer can’t get around.

It has been quite a season. From snow and really cold, to the spell in January, rain, warm, freeze, really cold, snow, repeat. A great start to February and the right back into the repetitive pattern of January. All turning around at the end of February and March to end with some of the best skiing in decades. And to think that it is now April 8th and we have great spring skiing. ... 

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If The Skiing Weren’t So Perfect, I’d Be Ready For Spring.

Perfect tracks. April 7th, 2018.

Open, 25º at 7:30am. Forecast high 34º and party sunny. The skiing is perfect and soft and wonderful. Because the high will be around 34º, you will need Maxiglide on no-wax skis. The photo above is from this morning about 6:00am. How does Ian get from the groomer to the photo taking spot without leaving boot prints?

Seven inches of new snow. Yesterday afternoon, before the snow was serious, I told Ian we didn’t have to be open for the weekend if we didn’t get enough snow to have good skiing. He told me we would be fine and the skiing would be good. Holy cow, he was right! ... 

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Ski Today After the Snow Starts Falling!

Open after the snow starts. The temperature right now is 15º. The air this morning is cold and the snow is hard. The forecast is for 35º and snow. Skiing once the snow starts falling will be ok. Once the snow starts. Ian will groom after we get some new snow. The Weather Channel forecast is 1-3 inches of snow and the National Weather service forecast is for 2-5 inches of snow. We should start a pool. ... 

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Spring Skiing/Boiling Syrup, Just Another Day at Wild Wings

Open, 26º at 7:00 am and cloudy. Forecast high 40º, cloudy, light rain and snow this afternoon. Good spring skiing, variable conditions. Hard and fast morning and late afternoon. Slower in the warmer part of the day. Loon is closed.

Boiling sap to syrup in the sugar house today, 9 to about 5.

Life is slowing down and getting ready to slip into spring, Ian changed the oil in his truck yesterday, I made an appointment to have the snow tires taken off the Prius. I vacuumed the upstairs and wrote ‘go to the dump’ on my list. The other spring thing that made the list was take Ruby to the groomer. She hates it! But a bathed, shaved, Ruby is a good lab looking golden retriever. ... 

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And Spring Continues

Open, 25º at 7 am , cloudy. Forecast high 38º, the sun is suppose to shine this afternoon.

“Spring skiing,” said the nice Norwegian lady yesterday. I told them about the skiing, hard and fast in the morning and late in the day, slower during the middle, warmer, sunnier part of the day. And she said, “Spring skiing. Best skiing of the year, the Norwegians all take Easter week and go to the mountains and ski. The sun is shining, the sky is blue, and the skiing is wonderful.” So this year we get to have a Norwegian Easter ski week. When the temperatures warm the snow and the sun comes out, you can hop on your skis and pretend you are in Norway, or perhaps just let your Norwegian blood come though a little. And smile and enjoy the glide. ... 

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Happy Skiing, Happy Spring

Open, 39º at 8:00 am and partly cloudy. 39ª is also the forecast high, with sun forecast for this afternoon.

Spring skiing, variable conditions, corn snow. Ian groomed the Blue Jay, Chickadee and Goshawk last night, put in a new track. All trails open except the Loon, too many bare spot. Chickadee is still open, with wet spots, Ian said, you will get your feet wet. The first hill has melted out, expect to take your skis off and walk a little.  ... 

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Blue Sky and Great Spring Skiing

Open, 28º at 7:45 am and Sunny!!! Forecast high 45º and Sunny! The trails are still covered with plenty of snow. The snow re-froze last night and will now soften and make the skiing really good and fun. Blue sky and sun shine, a great day to be out.

Ian re-groomed the Turkey, Woodcock and Snow Goose last night. He was headed up the Grouse/Goshawk, the snow was still too wet and heavy and the Ranger would not pull the ginzu up the Grouse hill. Thank goodness we insisted on buying the winch on the Ranger. Ian said it was the 4th time he has winched the rig up a hill this winter. Glad to know it works.  ... 

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