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Another Pretty Good Day

Open, 22º at 6:30 am. Forecast high today 26º and continued clouds. 10 km open. Woodcock, Turkey, Snow Goose, Grouse, and Peregrine. Skiing is faster now that the snow has frozen back up. The fun kind of fast!

The Holey Tree – thank you to our mystery signmaker!

Ian is … more

What a difference a day makes. 10 km, good skiing.

Open, 22º, cloudy, snow still stuck in the trees. The skiing is good! And you still get to ski in a snow globe. And the skiing is good, did you get that part. The skiing is good. After the 1st couple of weeks in January I get to say, the … more

February 21, 2019

Open, 35° and mostly cloudy. Forecast high of 37°. 1″ new snow, some freezing rain on top. Skate lanes groomed today, classic tracks are skied in. Nice skiing, soft, need maxiglide.

The Skiing Is Good, Might As Well Ski

Styles Junction

Open, 21º at 7am. Forecast high 39º, and snow showers and rain showers.

All trails are open today, except the Loon. The skiing Wednesday and Thursday was amazingly great! Today will be good, the temperature will be warmer, but the snow is still great. We are skating today on Turkey … more

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