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Toe To Snow Is Good

Open, 36º at 7am, a light drizzle. 45º is the forecast high, and cloudy. Ian has been grooming forever. He is 3 here and ready to drive the snow machine.  The ground driven tiller behind this machine never did work.

It might be rainy, but the snow is corn snow and good soft skiing. It is suppose to get...   read more

Great Skiing, Great Syrup

Open, 33º at 7:30am, cloudy. Forecast high 44º and cloudy, chance of some rain later in the day.

Skiing is still good spring skiing. We had about 10 skiers yesterday. The snow is nice corn snow and there is still a lot of it. Since it is almost the end of March, we know skiing is almost done. Can you get out to...   read more

Skiing is Still Good

Open, 31º, and cloudy. Forecast 43º and generally  cloudy.

I admit I have become a little spoiled from all the sunshine and blue sky. Despite the clouds, the skiing today will be good. We still have lots of snow still left. We have been able to have all the trails open. If the loggers aren’t making syrup...   read more

Great Day For a Great Spring Ski

I love smiling skiers!

Open, 17º at 7am, and sunny. Forecast, 41º, partly sunny.

Today looks like the best weather day of the rest of this week. The forecast has not been real accurate. So, we’ll see.

Spring skiing, hard and fast in the morning and late afternoon. Slower and softer in the middle part of the day. Depending on temperature...   read more

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