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A bit of cleanup to do…

Its a beautiful (but chilly) sunny day! Yesterday was not as beautiful, starting with snow (almost an inch) turning to rain (almost an inch), a few minutes of sun and then the wind blew. And blew. And then it blew harder. There were six trees across North Road that needed to be cut. We’re not sure how many blew down on the trails yet. A big maple blew across our driveway, taking out the power and phone lines. ... 

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All smiles

The skiing was amazing today! With 3-7″ of snow forecast for tonight!!

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New Tracks on Turkey, and Most Other Trails (updated and edited at 8:45am)

Snowcat/Ginzu combo has the snow tilled pretty well.

11° at 7:00AM, forecast high 32°

17km Open Double tracks on the Turkey, Woodcock, Snow Goose, Grouse, Goshawk, and Lower Blue Jay. Single track on the  Chickadee.(Chickadee is a little thinner than the lower trails, so a little rougher.)  The tracks are beautiful. The skiing is going to be nice. Wow, the sky is blue and the sun is out and warm. What a great day to be outside. ... 

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Adding snow to Chickadee

It doesn’t look too bad out there. We had to leave one area alone – two big wet spots that would melt any snow that we put in before it drains and freezes more. Lots of spots with dirty snow (tree debris), but it’ll be open another couple days at least!

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Dirty Snow

We’ll call it “off-white”

We’ve definitely got some nasty snow out there. A couple weeks worth of wind and rain have knocked down lots of leaves, bark and pine cones. It looks slightly better after the groomer mixes it a bit. New snow would improve things considerably!

Sometimes pre-winter trail work doesn’t last through the winter. In one of our major rain events, this culvert got plugged with leaves, so the water found another way down: through the snow on the trail. With Jonathan and Helena’s help, we pulled the culvert out, cleared the leaves, reset the culvert and shoveled the trail back in with snow. ... 

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