The Skiing Is Good, Might As Well Ski


I know where this is, the skiing up there was great Wed. and Thur. Photo Cliff Dutton

Open, 21º at 7am. Forecast high 39º, and snow showers and rain showers.

All trails are open today, except the Loon. The skiing Wednesday and Thursday was amazingly great! Today will be good, the temperature will be warmer, but the snow is still great. We are skating today on Turkey and Grouse only, Peregrine is groomed for classic skiing (see photo below).

We have plenty of snow. The temperature will warm up a bit today and the snow will change. Such is the life of a snowflake. Ian will spend hours in the groomer in the middle of the night and the skiing will be good, but a little faster. This seems to be the pattern. If you want to know why, The Single Chair Weather Blogger from Mad River Glen blames it on snow in Hawaii. Yep. But, we are doing great, holding the snow and getting the skiing good again ASAP.

How am I doing Coach? On the Peregrine. 2/14,2019

Above is a photo from yesterday’s high school race. The skiers enjoyed blue skies and perfect ski conditions!

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