Blue Sky and Great Spring Skiing


 Open, 28º at 7:45 am and Sunny!!! Forecast high 45º and Sunny! The trails are still covered with plenty of snow. The snow re-froze last night and will now soften and make the skiing really good and fun. Blue sky and sun shine, a great day to be out.

Ian re-groomed the Turkey, Woodcock and Snow Goose last night. He was headed up the Grouse/Goshawk, the snow was still too wet and heavy and the Ranger would not pull the ginzu up the Grouse hill. Thank goodness we insisted on buying the winch on the Ranger. Ian said it was the 4th time he has winched the rig up a hill this winter. Glad to know it works. 

If the snow holds we plan to stay open thru April 8th. 

Yesterday we did not boil sap. We emptied the syrup pans and found some lunch plate sized scorch spots. Vinegar is magic with stainless steel. Oh, and patience. I would have scrubbed straight through, Ian finally had me stop and walk away and go back every hour. Sitting in vinegar, that is the trick. From now on empty and clean the syrup pan every 20 gallons. Always good to have a plan.

We will be boiling again today. Stop in at the sugar house and say hi to Ian and Chuck. You can bring them a beer, sugaring is long, hot work.

Stoking the fire.

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