Great Skiing, Great Syrup


Open, 33º at 7:30am, cloudy. Forecast high 44º and cloudy, chance of some rain later in the day.

Skiing is still good spring skiing. We had about 10 skiers yesterday. The snow is nice corn snow and there is still a lot of it. Since it is almost the end of March, we know skiing is almost done. Can you get out to ski again? 

Go to the bottom right and fill out your favorite ski experience on the trails this year. Whether you are telling about a great ski day or some of your favorite animal tracks.  And thanks!

Sap temperature from the pre-heater to the back pan.

We are still boiling syrup. We have now made 56 gallons of fabulous maple syrup. The old  high total of syrup for a year on this evaporator was 60 gallons in 2015. This year we put the blower on the fire box. We are using way less wood. The promo on the blower said we would use about 30% less wood for the same amount of syrup. We also put the pre-heater on. The pre-heater runs the sap thru coils under a hood, using the steam created by the boiling sap to pre-heat the sap going into the back evaporator pans. This helps in two ways, the sap is 190º going into the back pan instead of 35º, and the process creates condensation which then runs the water out a hose and gives us buckets of hot clean water.

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