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If The Skiing Weren’t So Perfect, I’d Be Ready For Spring.

Perfect tracks. April 7th, 2018.

Open, 25º at 7:30am. Forecast high 34º and party sunny. The skiing is perfect and soft and wonderful. Because the high will be around 34º, you will need Maxiglide on no-wax skis. The photo above is from this morning about 6:00am. How does Ian get from the groomer to the photo taking spot without leaving boot prints?

Seven inches of new snow. Yesterday afternoon, before the snow was serious, I told Ian we didn’t have to be open for the weekend if we didn’t get enough snow to have good skiing. He told me we would be fine and the skiing would be good. Holy cow, he was right! ... 

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Great Skiing, Great Syrup

Open, 33º at 7:30am, cloudy. Forecast high 44º and cloudy, chance of some rain later in the day.

Skiing is still good spring skiing. We had about 10 skiers yesterday. The snow is nice corn snow and there is still a lot of it. Since it is almost the end of March, we know skiing is almost done. Can you get out to ski again?  ... 

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Spring Skiing and Maple Syrup, Life is Good.

Is that a beech tree?

Open, 20º at 7am, and the sun is peeking through the clouds. A dusting of snow overnight. Forecast 34º and cloudy.

Great spring skiing again yesterday and today might be the same. Ian is out grooming, here is a picture from this morning. Spring skiing is faster in the morning and again later in the day. The skiing slows down if the sun hits the snow or the temperatures get warm enough. The forecast has not indicated it would be warm enough for good spring skiing for days, yet it has been sunnier and warm enough all week, for good skiing all week. At this time of day I only know the forecast, not the reality. ... 

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Good Skiing Thru the Weekend.

Nice double pole action on wonderful tracks!

Open, 28º and cloudy. Forecast high 34º, some sun this afternoon. 

Another nice day for a ski. Good skiing thru the weekend (at least). The road is not really muddy at this point. But, there are quite a few pot holes. Drive slow, better for your car and everyone else on the road.

There are animal tracks out there. Keep looking around. Animals have been spotted too. Look for mink, deer and raccoon tracks on the Middle Blue Jay. Otter slides on the Upper Blue Jay and down along the brook on the Woodcock and Snow Goose. Coyote, bobcat and snowshoe hare winding thru the woods, look in the newer forests with the younger trees. I have seen deer tracks around. Let me know what you see. The snow plopping out of the trees has made some interesting tracks, one that looked like a Sasquatch. And the short trees on the Upper Blue Jay looked like trolls in hiding. ... 

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Home From World Cup Skiing For a Great Ski HERE!

Sophie is home!

Open, 15º at 7am and cloudy. 34º is the forecast high and cloudy with a chance of snow. The skiing is so wonderful. A nice packed powder base with really good tracks.

Sophie flew in on Monday after finishing 3rd in the overall World Cup Sprint standings . Lilly and Sophie had a great ski on Tuesday. Sophie and her team mates gets another day off at home today, and then she heads off to Craftsbury for Spring Series. Living out of a suitcase and in hotels for 4 months has to get old. Must be nice to have your own bed, your own pillow. Even the familiar smells of your own space. No matter how wonderful life is when you go away, coming home is great! ... 

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Another Fabulous Day of Skiing!

Funny little tracks.

Open, 7º at 7am. 33º is the forecast high, and partly sunny.

All low trails re-groomed last night.  Hard pack powder, really good skiing! The March sun is intense, expect some variable conditions in direct sunshine. 

There are some interesting tracks on Middle Blue Jay. The animals are starting to move again with the warmer weather and the shrinking of the snow pack.  Watch for the tracks, the animals and the scat. Yesterday Mary even saw the squirrel dragging away the pine cone.  ... 

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