Spring Skiing and Maple Syrup, Life is Good.


Is that a beech tree?

Open, 20º at 7am, and the sun is peeking through the clouds. A dusting of snow overnight. Forecast 34º and cloudy.

Great spring skiing again yesterday and today might be the same. Ian is out grooming, here is a picture from this morning. Spring skiing is faster in the morning and again later in the day. The skiing slows down if the sun hits the snow or the temperatures get warm enough. The forecast has not indicated it would be warm enough for good spring skiing for days, yet it has been sunnier and warm enough all week, for good skiing all week. At this time of day I only know the forecast, not the reality.

Ian’s picture, grooming this morning, 3/25/2018, about 100 yards apart.

Skied with Catie yesterday and she loves pointing out interesting leaves and trees. She and I are working on tree identification. She has white birch, yellow birch, she is getting sugar maple, beech, cherry, and red spruce, next she wants to learn balsam, the Christmas tree.

The sugar house was in full boil yesterday. They made 6 gallons of really good syrup. The sap did run Saturday, which means after Ian grooms, he and Chuck will gather sap, pump sap to the sugar house and then start boiling. The air smells so sweet around the sugar house. 

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