Another Great Day For A Ski


Good Morning Star Shine, Groomers Get the Best View of the Day!!!

Open, -0 at 7:30am. My favorite  temperature. The forecast high 22º. The sun is shining and all is right with the world. The skiing is great and the Chickadee is open again today.

The forecast high yesterday was 23º. It really went to 33º in the sun. That means you need Maxiglide, sometimes, maybe. You don’t hurt anything by using it, and the Maxiglide will keep you from sticking.

The logger on the job up at the Chickadee will be working, starting tomorrow, March 19th, Monday thru Thursday. We plan on opening it again next Friday, Saturday, Sunday. Subject to change with snow and weather.

Lots of Skiers Yesterday.

Fran is in the picture above, she and Rob had just finished the Chickadee and were on there way into the warming room for some chili and then they get to ski home. How lucky are they to get to ski from home?


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