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Yoga Schedule December 8th through December 15th (Schedule at the bottom)

My 7.5 year old granddaughter told her mom last week. She is softer when she is tired. And it is harder not to cry. So she cries more when she is too tired. Don’t we all.

So think about that a minute. After Gretchen’s wedding I was so tired all I could do was cry. I wasn’t sad, I wasn’t mad....   read more

Yoga Schedule December 1st through December 8th (Schedule at the bottom)

A little peace and quiet. We all need to get out more! 

The last few weeks we have been talking about perspective. At the beginning of November when all it did was rain, Ian was so frustrated with the water sitting in the ski trails. It was easy to see why. On the other hand communities in California were burning...   read more

Yoga Schedule November 24th through December 1st (Schedule at the bottom)

Well, this has been an interesting end of November. We have had Thanksgiving, snow, yoga, skiing, the month isn’t over and I am grateful. Or am I greatful.

We have had some projects this summer/fall. The biggest being the new ski trail. Named Peregrine. If you don’t know about Peregrine Falcons, ...   read more

Yoga Schedule November 16th through November 24th (Schedule at the bottom)

Warrior 3 is better with friends.

Warrior 3 is better with friends for support. Most things in life are. How often I go thru my day determined to get it done. My way or the highway. And preferably by myself. Since April, when I knew I needed a new hip, I have been better about accepting the help offered. Amazing to think I would need a reason. While...   read more

Yoga Schedule November 10th through November 24th (Schedule at the bottom)

This is next year’s wood, 12 cord ready to be moved in the spring. The wood for this year for the barn, 4 cords, was in by the middle of June, before my new hip. The wood for the sugar house for this year, 3.5 cords, was into the sugar house wood shed by the middle of May. BUT, we still have 6 cord out back to...   read more

Yoga Schedule November 1st through November 10th (Schedule at the bottom)

Paint Pots

My mom and I drove to Yellowstone Park on Wednesday. It has become our thing, drive to West Yellowstone, then to Old Faithful, watch Old Faithful go off, drive home. Old Faithful is now going off every 80 minutes, it used to be every 60 minutes or so. Guess we are all getting older and slower. We missed seeing the eruption...   read more

Yoga Schedule October 20th through November 10th (Schedule at the bottom)

Working on the new ski trail. This is going to be fun! Change is always good! Right! And this new trail is going to be great!

This week I had a few things happen that changed my plans. And my plans were great, checking things off the list so I can leave town. But sometimes you have to know when to surrender and when...   read more