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Yoga for the near future.

A little yoga, still on the computer via “Z”.

Here is the schedule with the following exceptions;

No yoga on Saturdays at 8:30 am, February 6th, 13th, and the 20th.

And no yoga at 9 am or 5:30 pm, Monday, February 15th.

Here are the codes:

Slow Flow Monday and … more

A Little Holiday Break From Yoga

Taking a holiday break from yoga, because I am too busy trying to keep skiing going.

No yoga December 23rd until January 3rd

Yes, there is a class December 22nd, Tuesday, 7:30am. And classes will start again January 4th, at 9am.

Thanks for understanding! I just have to admit, I … more

How To Get To Yoga-all classes over the computer


A gift of a week of the best weather! to get everything else ready for winter.

I am putting the yoga codes here. I will take them off the old posts.

Codes seem to get hit on by the scammers and hackers. So I am not using the “Z” … more

Yoga Stuff

Whew, that time of year. Too many chores and not enough time.

We are getting in the wood. Finishing up in the garden. And getting the ski trails ready to be skied. It is really easy to feel overwhelmed. I am trying real hard to do one chore at a … more

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