A Little Holiday Break From Yoga


Taking a holiday break from yoga, because I am too busy trying to keep skiing going.

No yoga December 23rd until January 3rd

Yes, there is a class December 22nd, Tuesday, 7:30am. And classes will start again January 4th, at 9am.

Thanks for understanding! I just have to admit, I can’t do it all. And I need to be at the ski touring center during this busy, Covid time.



    • Emily M Schriebl on January 3, 2021 at 10:00 am

    Hi there – Happy New Year! Are you starting yoga back up this week? And, if so, do we use the Z codes published in November? Thanks so much! Hope you all are well.

    1. Yes and yes. Starting again January 4th. I keep the Z codes the same even when I do a new post. I had to quit using Z**m and yoga in the same posts to get rid of the wierd requests happening on my end for Z**m. Thanks! See you soon.

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