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Whew, that time of year. Too many chores and not enough time.

We are getting in the wood. Finishing up in the garden. And getting the ski trails ready to be skied. It is really easy to feel overwhelmed. I am trying real hard to do one chore at a … more

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I found the mushroom above while mowing ski trails. I am in awe of natural beauty everyday.

This was not the spring/summer I expected. But I have found a groove and for me right now this is a good place to be.

With all the illness and unrest I … more

……And Life Goes On

And the sun comes up. And the sun sets. The rain falls, and the garden grows. Life goes on. We are weeding the garden, and eating from the garden. We are fixing and painting the house. Now that we are here all the time it is amazing how many projects … more


Z Codes are now good until the end of July. But, I think I have figured out how to edit them to not have to change again. We’ll see.

Thanks for your patience, participation and love.
Anybody who feels so inclined may send checks to me at PO Box 132 … more

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