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Yoga Schedule December 15th through January 2nd (Schedule at the bottom)

“It’s going to be OK.” No matter what happerns, “It’s going to be OK.” Win a gold medal in February, get a cancer diagnosis in the spring. And know, “It’s going to be OK.”  I have a friend who gave me a heads up on the socks, and she knows we all need to...   read more

Yoga Schedule December 8th through December 15th (Schedule at the bottom)

My 7.5 year old granddaughter told her mom last week. She is softer when she is tired. And it is harder not to cry. So she cries more when she is too tired. Don’t we all.

So think about that a minute. After Gretchen’s wedding I was so tired all I could do was cry. I wasn’t sad, I wasn’t mad....   read more

Yoga Schedule December 1st through December 8th (Schedule at the bottom)

A little peace and quiet. We all need to get out more! 

The last few weeks we have been talking about perspective. At the beginning of November when all it did was rain, Ian was so frustrated with the water sitting in the ski trails. It was easy to see why. On the other hand communities in California were burning...   read more

Yoga Schedule November 24th through December 1st (Schedule at the bottom)

Well, this has been an interesting end of November. We have had Thanksgiving, snow, yoga, skiing, the month isn’t over and I am grateful. Or am I greatful.

We have had some projects this summer/fall. The biggest being the new ski trail. Named Peregrine. If you don’t know about Peregrine Falcons, ...   read more

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