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I found the mushroom above while mowing ski trails. I am in awe of natural beauty everyday.

This was not the spring/summer I expected. But I have found a groove and for me right now this is a good place to be.

With all the illness and unrest I live in my little cocoon.

I pray black and brown people are safe and healthy. I pray for the people affected by all the fires are safe and healthy. I pray for those I love. I pray for those who are difficult to love. I pray people are safe and healthy.

 The Loving Kindness Meditation:

May I/you/we be filled with loving kindness.

May I/you/we be peaceful and at ease.

May I/you/we be well.

May I/you/we know happiness.

Here are the Zoom codes. Clicking on the date and time is the link to the meeting.

If you need yoga and are able to pay. The address to send a check is PO Box 132, Peru, VT 05152.

If you need yoga and money is tight, do not worry about it, join us via Zoom as often as you are able. Please share Zoom codes with anyone you feel would benefit.

If you would like the codes for zoom yoga please email me Thanks!

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