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Below is a list of the Wild Wings daily skiing news blog with the most recent posts at the top.

Video Skiing Down Backside of Upper Blue Jay

Open, 4º at 7am. Forecast high 24º and sunny! Really great skiing, again today.  Chickadee and Loon closed for the week.

This is Ian’s video. At the beginning look for the tree with 2 shelf fungus, there are also 2 visable chainsaw cuts on the tree. This is Dick’s tree. Dick … more

Another Great Day For A Ski

Open, -0 at 7:30am. My favorite  temperature. The forecast high 22º. The sun is shining and all is right with the world. The skiing is great and the Chickadee is open again today.

The forecast high yesterday was 23º. It really went to 33º in the sun. That means you … more

A Ridiculously Fabulous Redundant Ski Report

Open, 15º at 7:30am. Forecast, 23º and cloudy, with the possibility of snow showers. Really, right this minute, the sky is blue and the sun is shining. And the skiing is so, so good and wonderful!

The photo above is Mary. She and Brian decided yesterday, while the skiing is … more

Skiing Does Not Get Any Better Than This!

Open, 20º another 4.2 inches of snow. 32 inches of snow at the stake. Forecast, flurries and 23º.  The skiing really doesn’t get any better than this! This is and will be perfect skiing. Forgiving and easy to ski on.

Ian spent the last 3 days packing and dragging the … more

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