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Yoga Schedule May 5 though May 12

 Look closely at the schedule for the next week, I have cancelled the 9am class on Monday and on Wednesday, the 7:30 and 9am classes. Thanks for understanding!! The picture above are fiddlehead ferns. They are tasty. Make sure …

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Yoga Schedule For the Week of April 28

 Do you have any idea how freaking lucky you are? Are you grateful for the breath you just took, or the clean water you just consumed? Just, stop, and think about the gifts we have in our lives every moment, …

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Yoga Schedule Week of April 20th-April 22nd

 That was a fun, quick week. Flew to Bozeman on the 11th and flew back on the 18th. Snow in Montana on Tuesday before I left, and snow here on Thursday as I step back into the reality of Vermont. We …

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Yoga Schedule April 7th – April 21st

 This picture is from May 2, 2017. I hadn’t tilled the garden yet, and had not put in any manure yet. Look at the rhubarb, on this side of the garden, leafed out and getting ready to grow. …

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