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Skiing Is So Good!

Open. Woodcock, Snow Goose, Turkey, Grouse and  Peregrine.

22º at 7am, and cloudy. Expecting sun later today.

The skiing is good. It is really good. I’ve seen the forecast is it going to be this good for a few days. So, find an excuse to not be at work for … more

Ski and Spread the Joy

Open with 10km. Woodcock, Snow Goose, Turkey, Grouse and Peregrine. Skiing is good, what are you waiting for?

15º at 7am and the sun is shining. Expected high 25º.

The skiing is good the weather is great. Get out and ski!

This is the grandkid that was was here yesterday. … more

A Great Day For A Ski

10 km Open. Woodcock, Snow Goose, Turkey and Grouse. And Peregrine!

-1 at 7am. Expected high 20º, and sunny.

Ian groomed yesterday trying to scrape and smooth out the little ups and downs on the trails. It helps. Less snow does means you feel the little bumps and humps more. … more

Around and Around We Go

Closed, ( but, season pass holders may ski.) One of the benefits to having a pass. The plan is to be open for everyone this weekend.

15º at 7am. Expected high today, 27º. And possibly a few flurries this afternoon. Every flake helps.

Ian went around the Peregrine and Turkey … more

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