Around and Around We Go


Closed, ( but, season pass holders may ski.) One of the benefits to having a pass. The plan is to be open for everyone this weekend.

15º at 7am. Expected high today, 27º. And possibly a few flurries this afternoon. Every flake helps.

Ian went around the Peregrine and Turkey yesterday with the snow cat. There is not enough snow for to use the tiller on the snow cat, so he used the compactor bar. The skiing on those two trails is ok. Not bad. The Woodcock and Snow Goose are scratchier, but ok. They are faster than last week.

The snow cat is 33 years old. It is sturdy and does a great job. Ian drove it down the steep drop on the Peregrine, new trail, and that spot is too steep. The diesel fuel backed up the vent and was leaking out. So….plan “B”.

The snow machine then pulled the groomer up. Ian was so surprised he set up his phone to take a video and did it again.

We will keep filling in wet spots with branches and shoveling snow. And at least there is snow to shovel. But really we need snow to fall from the sky again. And it will!

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