Limited Skiing, Season Pass Holders


Open for season pass holder.

13º at 7 am. Expected high today 25º.

The skiing is skiing. Yesterday one season pass person came out and skied the Woodcock, Snow Goose. He said, ‘Thank you for being open for allowing me to come ski.” He added, “There are wet spots.” I also skied the Woodcock, Snow Goose and picked up sticks. The skiing is bumpy and the snow has shrunk. The new snow that fell on Monday night made it skiable The Turkey will be the same.







On the other hand, the Peregrine, is skiing pretty nice. It is hilly and bumpy, but was designed for low snow.  This photo was taken last night, 12/4/2018 and is a group of skiers getting together on Tuesday nights through out the season and skiing loops on the Peregrine with a head lamp, just for fun. (I think there is a time trial involved somehow.)


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