A Little New Snow and A Lot of Shoveling=Open


Open. 10 km. Turkey, Woodcock, Snow Goose, Grouse and Peregrine.

22º at 7am. 2 inches of snow overnight after a dusting of snow yesterday morning.

Ian, Dick and Chuck spent the day yesterday cutting and hauling balsam branches to wet spots on the Woodcock and Snow Goose. They then shoveled snow on top, and the trail is white again. Now a couple more inches of snow and it is skiable again. When David skis it and tells me it is better than yesterday I know we have a win. (and I know they did a lot of work!)

Dick was out there yesterday with a shovel and clippers. He wastes no snow. The three of them shoveled snow back on all the wet spots out there. And really they were glad to have the snow to shovel!

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