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Open For Season Pass Holders

  • -2º at 7am
  • A dusting of new snow
  • Open if you have a season pass.
  • Open to everyone on Friday. Then open depending on the weather.
  • Ian packed and single tracked the Turkey, Woodcock, Snow Goose, Grouse and the new trail, Peregrine. Peregrine Falcon is also known as the duck

Open for Season Pass Holders

Closed/Open for season pass holders. The temperature at 7am is 20º. New snow total from the Tuesday storm was 7.5″. Snow at the stake is 9 inches. Ian is out packing with the snow machine. We/He drove around all the trails in the last 2 days, picking up sticks, sawing … more

Skiing? Early Season Skiing With Your Season Pass

Closed/Open(for season pass holders.)

Temperature 29º at 7am.

New snow- 3.5 inches.

Snow at the stake- 8 inches.

You can come and ski if you have a season pass, and you are willing to ski around whatever is still out there. There are still a few wet spots and Ian … more

Not yet.

Closed. 32º, five inches of snow at the stake.

But, the ground is white. It now hasn’t rained for a couple days. The five inches of snow are wet. Everything still needs to dry out and settle and then another snow on top before we can be ready to ski. … more

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