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Waiting For The Cold Air To Return


39º at 7am.  This is the high for today. The temperature is suppose to drop all day with a low tonight of 20º. The snow will need to dry out and freeze up before we can start to work with it to get skiing again.

We had a mix of weather yesterday. Sleet, ice, freezing rain and rain. There was some lightening...   read more

Not yet.

Closed. 32º, five inches of snow at the stake.

But, the ground is white. It now hasn’t rained for a couple days. The five inches of snow are wet. Everything still needs to dry out and settle and then another snow on top before we can be ready to ski. The sledding, however, is pretty good. And today will be more...   read more

A bit of cleanup to do…

Its a beautiful (but chilly) sunny day! Yesterday was not as beautiful, starting with snow (almost an inch) turning to rain (almost an inch), a few minutes of sun and then the wind blew. And blew. And then it blew harder. There were six trees across North Road that needed to be cut. We’re not sure how many blew down on the trails yet. A big maple blew across our driveway, taking out the power and phone lines.

The temperature yesterday was forecast to be 54°. It made it to 40°. We still have pretty good snow on the lower trails. The upper trails have taken a hit from water damage (lots of springs flow out of the side of Styles Peak).

We’re thinking we will be open with the lower 11km for Friday, Saturday and Sunday. The skiing will be ok (probably better than it was at the end of January!)

We finished our sugaring season (all but the cleanup) last night with almost 7 gallons of Dark Robust syrup. 85.5 gallons total. Our target was 75. A good year!

Two Days Off, We Might See You For the Weekend.

Closed, 32º and raining at 7 am. Forecast is for rain and wind and 51º. And then 16º overnight tonight. What a ride this weather event will be.

We will be closed today and Thursday. The forecast for Friday is now 1-3 inches of snow. We will open for the weekend if we get enough new snow for good skiing. I’ll let you know as soon as we know. Chuck is thinking the prospects look good. I am be the pessimist this time. That is not normal.

This nice couple was here early in March. This is definitely the best pair of knickers I saw all year. And I like that the knickers are still paired with the 3 pin boots. Another couple having a great ski. We had some really good skiing this year. What a year it was. Thank you everyone!


Arrrgh, Closed Again.

We are working to fix spots like this today.

Closed, 36º overnight and currently. Forecast high 39º.

Yesterday’s beautiful covering of snow has mostly melted. And the spots that were wet are wet again. 

The weather this year! Warm, rain, cold, snow repeat. We have had so much good skiing and most of it has come on a weekday. Every year is different and this one has been a pip.

Just a little story about a visit we had last weekend:

Last weekend we had 2 snow machines with mom, dad, and son show up looking for gas for the machines. They knew they were not going to make it back to their truck on Rt. 9. They left that morning with no food, or supplies. A credit card to buy gas at the one and only stop, which turned out to only take cash. They continued north and came off the trail and ended up here. Ian  poured the gas we had into their machines. Drove them to Bromley Market to get more gas and some food. They left here with full gas tanks and food in their bellies to get the 30 or so miles back down to Woodford to their truck.

I tell this story because, we all need to do RAK, random acts of kindness and watch out for each other. But, we also all need to be prepared when we leave the main roads and go into the woods.  When you ski here we have your back. I want people to go outside and have fun and be refreshed. Please just remember to be smart.

Ahhh, Spring in Vermont…….

Sugaring time!

Closed, 29º at 7am. Forecast high 31º. Also forecast, 1-3 inches of snow. We still have base, so stay tuned.

Warm Wednesday temperatures ate snow like crazy. Thank goodness for the ice base. Snow dance time!!!3-6 inches and we can be skiing again.

The road went. That means the frost started coming out, warm temperatures day and night, no refreezing and all hell broke loose. The road was extremely muddy. Too muddy for the road guys to even fix it. But they are on it today, and should get it smoothed back out.

Navigating on the muddy roads: aim high, go slow, don’t stop.

USA Gold Medal in Women Team Sprint

Jesse and Kikkan win GOLD!

Closed, 44º, the forecast high is 63º. (We had hot dogs and smores planned for today. We will reschedule)

Yoga classes will still happen, today 7:30am and 9:00am.

The road is not good. When the temperature is warm during the day and warm at night, the road doesn’t refreeze and continues to soften. You would not want to drive the Bentley in here today. You would be driving the truck. Our Prius will be parked for a while.

On a different note, Team USA won a gold medal in the team sprints at the Olympics. WOW! Jesse and Kikkan.  WOW! This is the first medal for the women and it’s GOLD! Holy smokes! I haven’t seen the race yet, but I know how to stream it and I will watch it later.

And more about skiing. We will probably need a bit more snow to be open again. There’s still plenty on the ground, but it’s going to be really warm today. The weather this year………. We have had some really good skiing. But…. It hasn’t been easy, there have been quite a few challenges. We do still have a good base. So 4 to 6 inches will have us with skiing great conditions again. Stay tuned. Tomorrow I will tell about helping out the snow mobilers.

Here is the link to watch the gold medal race