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Ahh, The Weather

Closed today. 32º at 7am and raining. The forecast for today: temperature rising this morning to around 40°, then falling this afternoon. The rain will possibly change to snow, minimal accumulation expected. Ian will start grinding it up as soon as the temperature is cool enough and the snow dry … more

Friday evening update

We got a bit of freezing rain this morning, and some regular rain this afternoon. Doesn’t look great for Saturday.

It’s supposed to get warmer overnight, and then gradually cool off throughout the day tomorrow, and the snow will get harder and faster throughout the day. It will be too … more

Waiting For The Cold Air To Return


39º at 7am.  This is the high for today. The temperature is suppose to drop all day with a low tonight of 20º. The snow will need to dry out and freeze up before we can start to work with it to get skiing again.

We had a mix … more

Not yet.

Closed. 32º, five inches of snow at the stake.

But, the ground is white. It now hasn’t rained for a couple days. The five inches of snow are wet. Everything still needs to dry out and settle and then another snow on top before we can be ready to ski. … more

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