April 2018 archive

Yoga Schedule For the Week of April 28

Do you have any idea how freaking lucky you are? Are you grateful for the breath you just took, or the clean water you just consumed? Just, stop, and think about the gifts we have in our lives every moment, every breath of every day. 

And, now, I am lucky enough to have the opportunity to get a new hip. Whew! The Doctor said, “N” stage arthritis. But, when I looked it up, it was “end stage arthritis.” I am not half way through the alphabet, I am at the end. I am done. So, since I can’t go for a walk anymore, and the pain keeps me up at night, and since they cannot just give me knew cartilege. I get a new hip. Not a big deal, a couple days off my feet and I will be good as new. I promise to do exactly what they tell me to do, and I will be skiing by next winter. Yoga interuption to be announced as I figure out who is around and who can help out. Surgery is the scheduled for the time of year when Bobby is around. I’ll let you know. In the mean time, get to class, tomorrow, or next week. What else is there to do until the snow melts. ... 

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It Snows and Then It Melts. It Snows and Then It Melts.

Wild Wings Trail Map

We will not be opening again for the weekend. 

Prospect Mountain, in Woodford, VT, east of Bennington on Rt 9 is still open. They had double the snow that we did during each storm in March. Ian, Heather and Graham skied at Prospect on Wednesday and had a great time and a great ski. They said the snow is great.

Season pass holders can ski here at WWXC…no grooming, and sticks and debris and bare spots exist but the skiing is pretty nice. ... 

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Yoga Schedule Week of April 20th-April 22nd

That was a fun, quick week. Flew to Bozeman on the 11th and flew back on the 18th. Snow in Montana on Tuesday before I left, and snow here on Thursday as I step back into the reality of Vermont.

We saw the buffalo at the Minerva Terraces in Mammoth, WY. We went to Mammoth this time, instead of West Yellowstone, because the road was not open yet from West to Old Faithful. The elk look like they have had a hard winter. The were scrawny and their winter coat shaggy. The buffalo look the same as other years. Calving season is just starting and we saw some big mamas. The first buffalo calf sighting was two days after we were at Mammoth. Just north of Gardner we also saw a herd of about 15 mountain sheep. It was a good day.  ... 

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Ride For A Cause, and More Blow Downs

Middle Blue Jay, the first mess.

Closed for the season. A couple of updates.

Chuck and I took a leisurely snow mobile tour around the Middle Blue Jay. WOW! I continue to be amazed at the damage from the April 4th wind storm. Six or seven trees in the trail requiring the chain saw. Four trees on the Upper Blue Jay. We lost part of an old grandfather maple on the Goshawk and another huge!!! sugar maple uprooted and tipped over. ... 

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Planning the Next Season

Trail Map

Closed for the season, 24º and cloudy. Forecast, 39ª and snow flurries.

No rest for the weary. Ian started his non-ski season job yesterday and after that went for a ski with a couple friends, and then out on the trails with neighbor Bill to work on laying out the new racing loop. What I know right now is, up around in the area of the Lower Blue Jay and Goshawk. And we could see some changes to the down hill part of our skiing. This is going to be a fun summer, filled with more changes!! ... 

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Let Spring Begin!

Closed, 15º at 7 am and sunny. A blue beautiful sky. Forecast 35º and partly sunny. 

Alec sent this photo of his granddaughter to me yesterday. He said, “Second time on cross country skis. Had to hustle to keep up.” 

Every skiing grandparent wants to be able to bring the grandkids skiing!  And everybody both admires and is a little sad when the older person can’t keep up anymore. Ian was in second grade when he could ski faster than me. But even to this day, he slows down and just skis with me as we chat. When he was 8 we probably talked about how much he wanted a Nintendo. Now we talk about which trees should stay and which tree, when removed, would improve the skiing. ... 

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Today Marks the End of Another Great Season

Perfect tracks. April 7th, 2018.

Open, 25º at 8:30 am and sunny. Forecast high today. 33º. Nice spring skiing. Lower trails open, Turkey, Woodcock, Snow Goose, Grouse, Lower Blue Jay groomed last night. Goshawk open, not groomed, there are some wet spots at the top of Goshawk you can ski around, but the groomer can’t get around.

It has been quite a season. From snow and really cold, to the spell in January, rain, warm, freeze, really cold, snow, repeat. A great start to February and the right back into the repetitive pattern of January. All turning around at the end of February and March to end with some of the best skiing in decades. And to think that it is now April 8th and we have great spring skiing. ... 

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