It Snows and Then It Melts. It Snows and Then It Melts.


 We will not be opening again for the weekend. 

Prospect Mountain, in Woodford, VT, east of Bennington on Rt 9 is still open. They had double the snow that we did during each storm in March. Ian, Heather and Graham skied at Prospect on Wednesday and had a great time and a great ski. They said the snow is great.

Season pass holders can ski here at WWXC…no grooming, and sticks and debris and bare spots exist but the skiing is pretty nice.

Ian and Bill have been out in the woods checking out terrain for a new trail…not a whole lot to report at this point, but Ian is learning just how steep the hills are above the barn, and they’re really steep! And just how much work it is to find new terrain. He is very grateful he can still ski out in the woods and work. The map above is 3 km worth of trail, the goal is 3.75 km, maybe. 

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