And So It Begins………

See the blue slashes? New trail.

Ian and Bill are building a trail. They are offering you all a chance to help. The first “trail building” is Saturday, the 8th, 8am start time. Meet in the parking lot. Wear boots, bring gloves. The new trail will be an intermediate trail, designed for a good ski. I know this is not much notice for a work meeting, and you probably really want to pitch in. I will keep posting opportunities to help.

The new trail looking from the upper field into the old lower field.

In other news, I have started using the weed eater to mow the Middle Blue Jay. I have a couple days left on the Middle and then I will be moving to the Upper. Chuck will start with the tractor on Sunday and get the Turkey, Grouse, Woodcock and Snow Goose mowed. There are a few trees across the trails and we clean those up as we mow. Once we start going around in September, Chuck figures we go around each trail 3 or 4 times before the snow flies and we are skiing on them.

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