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Yoga Schedule Week of April 20th-April 22nd

That was a fun, quick week. Flew to Bozeman on the 11th and flew back on the 18th. Snow in Montana on Tuesday before I left, and snow here on Thursday as I step back into the reality of Vermont.

We saw the buffalo at the Minerva Terraces in Mammoth, WY. We went to Mammoth this time, instead of West Yellowstone, because the road was not open yet from West to Old Faithful. The elk look like they have had a hard winter. The were scrawny and their winter coat shaggy. The buffalo look the same as other years. Calving season is just starting and we saw some big mamas. The first buffalo calf sighting was two days after we were at Mammoth. Just north of Gardner we also saw a herd of about 15 mountain sheep. It was a good day.  ... 

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