A Little Like Eeyore


We are CLOSED today. 🙁

30º at 7:00am.
Forecast high 42º.

Today is quite gloomy. It is icing and freezing and yucky! There is still snow on the ground, and a lot of rain coming. If we don’t loose too much snow, the next step, let the snow refreeze and grind up what’s left. Ian said on Sunday when he groomed the snow was getting thin, and he might not be able to till it again. All we can do is wait and reassess.

The picture above, on a happier note, customers who rented equipment went for a wonderful ski on Saturday and got engaged on the trail. How romantic, and fabulous. The smiles were a mile wide, the excitement and happiness palpable. After I took the picture, I did ask their permission to share it with you on the web site. Can you feel the smiles?

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