Dirty Snow


We’ll call it “off-white”

We’ve definitely got some nasty snow out there. A couple weeks worth of wind and rain have knocked down lots of leaves, bark and pine cones. It looks slightly better after the groomer mixes it a bit. New snow would improve things considerably!


Sometimes pre-winter trail work doesn’t last through the winter. In one of our major rain events, this culvert got plugged with leaves, so the water found another way down: through the snow on the trail. With Jonathan and Helena’s help, we pulled the culvert out, cleared the leaves, reset the culvert and shoveled the trail back in with snow.


With 5″ of snow I’ll be grooming Middle and Upper Bluejay! With a foot of snow it will be back to where we want it, but 5″ will have it open again.



    • Cliff Dutton on February 1, 2018 at 6:50 pm

    Wow! How’d you do that? Wasn’t the ground frozen still? You guys are skier’s heroes!

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