A New Groomer!


The side X side is here. A Polaris Ranger 900 with tracks.

Chuck and Ian have been wanting this for a while. Chuck tells me I can drive it instead of my beloved 4 wheeler and it won’t hurt my hip. I love my 4 wheeler, I hope he isn’t right.

We also have a new groomer coming. This new piece of equipment is what you pull behind the Polaris. A  Yellowstone Track Systems groomer called a ginzu.

Here is what I know:

  • It is 108″ wide, and has 2 track setters.
  • It had to be driven across the country, from West Yellowstone, MT in a big truck.
  • It was delivered today to White River Junction. And a nice man named Harry is going to drive it here on Friday.
  • Harry is going to supply some of the wiring and electrical parts to make the groomer work remotely from inside the warm cab.
  • There are some parts we will have to go find.
  • Chuck ordered a tow bar that the UPS man dropped off yesterday.
  • It did not come with a hook to pull the groomer, because we don’t know exactly what we need.
  • Seems to me we have a lot still to do to get this up and running.
  • I am guessing it will happen fast with the snow that is in the forecast.


    • Bob on August 24, 2020 at 4:32 pm

    Hi guys…….. I see you have a 108″ YTS groomer. Our group is thinking about one. We have heard though that you have to have a powerful machine to pull it. I assume you pull it with your Polaris 900 XP ? If so, how does it do. Any problems pulling it uphills? We have something similar… John Deere Gator with treads.
    Thanks for any information or comments !
    Silvercrest Trails, Neihart, Mt

    1. Hi Bob, We do have the 108″ ginzu. I am the web person. And the groomer isn’t around. So, my thoughts are from watching the groomer work in the winter. The Polaris Ranger 900 pulls it up most hills. I know sometimes he packs down the snow first with a roller. He uses the Ranger/Ginzu symstem a lot and he likes it! We also have the Pisten Bully 100 and we have a snow mobile with an older Tidd Tech groomer. He would like to have the smaller Ginzu groomer to use with the snow mobile. I don’t know enough about you Gator to know if it would pull the same. But I do know there are times when he has been happy to have the winch on the Polaris.

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