SNOW! 3.5 inches of fluffy, beautiful snow!



17º at 7am, and that is the high for the day. 3.5 inches of snow since yesterday morning.

Today’s quote from  our friend May, 81, “Where is everyone? The ski is fabulous!”

I am liking February already. I like snow and cold (or colder) temperatures. I am done with too warm, rain and ice.

Ian is grooming this morning on the snow machine. He is putting 2 tracks on the Turkey, Woodcock, and Snow Goose. He is grooming and putting one track on the Grouse, Goshawk and Lower Blue Jay. And he is packing the Middle and Upper Blue Jay. Check in at “the shop” about the Middle and Upper, just to hear what he had to say after getting them packed.

Today is half way thru the winter season. Do you have half your wood pile left? We do. But not by much in the barn. We do have extra wood out and about, but I think we have enough wood in the back of the barn to get us to the end of April.




    • Cliff Dutton on February 2, 2018 at 8:52 am

    Glad you got snow. It sort of erases any Eeore mentality! Only an 1 and 1/2” in Pawlet. Off to buy my new used skis!

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