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Below is a list of the Wild Wings daily skiing news blog with the most recent posts at the top.

Dirty Snow

We’ve definitely got some nasty snow out there. A couple weeks worth of wind and rain have knocked down lots of leaves, bark and pine cones. It looks slightly better after the groomer mixes it a bit. New snow would improve things considerably!


Sometimes pre-winter trail work doesn’t last … more

A New Groomer!

The side X side is here. A Polaris Ranger 900 with tracks.

Chuck and Ian have been wanting this for a while. Chuck tells me I can drive it instead of my beloved 4 wheeler and it won’t hurt my hip. I love my 4 wheeler, I hope he isn’t … more

And it’s Snowing!


23º at  7:45am. Forecast high 33º. And snowing. A 1/2 inch of new snow. The NOAA snow prediction for us for today is 1 -3″ inches. Of course we are pulling for the 3″.

The skiing will be really nice. Keep it in perspective. If you … more

Snowflakes in the forecast


5º at 7am. Forecast high 23º.

There are snowflakes in the forecast. Doesn’t take much too make me happy! We are wishing for snow. Chuck’s mom always said, “If wishes were fishes” (I googled the rest) we’d all have a fry we’d eat and we’d eat until we more

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