Nice Spring Skiing


Nice tracks in the field from Feb. 13.

Open, 18º at 7am. Forecast high 40º.

Good spring skiing on 22 km.  The tracks are in and the skiing is noice. 

I am not a Vermonter, but I can spell “noice” like the best of them, by-jeezum. We did not ski on Monday, letting the rain soaked snow dry out and it worked. Tuesday morning it groomed out nicely. The skiing yesterday was good, and today will be just as good, getting softer as the temperature goes up. Give yourself time to ski a couple of hours, it will be worth it.

Ian and Chuck watched the finals of the sprints yesterday. Jesse was 6th and Sophie was 8th. That is pretty darn good. We are so proud of our home town girl, Sophie, and Jesse, her teammate from Minnesota. And all the other nordic skiers representing the US.

Tracy & Jesse Diggins


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