Yoga Schedule April 3rd


The Way of Zen. That is quite a list. There are a couple practices we can do with this list. Pick one thing and practice, that one, until is what/who you become. Or take the list and apply the appropriate line or action to your current situation. For example, I am able to drive slowly and mindfully, because I really have no where else to be. I am able to appreciate the silence, because, well I live with Chuck, so I have learned silence is ok.  Check out the list above, today I am going to work on listening to understand.

Now onto Z Yoga. When you look it up, the app is Zoo A great app that allows us all to talk to one another. Or teach a class, or have a meeting. And so Zoom Yoga has evolved.

I click on the link, below (invite to the class and listed below) and it walks me through. It is easyish.

I send out the meetings invites or codes. You can click on the link and it should ask you a few questions to get though the process.

Three more classes this week:

April 3rd, Friday at 7:30 am, sore and stiff,    link  J

April 3rd, Friday at 9:00 am, slow flow, link

April 4th, Saturday at 8:30 am, slow flow

April 6th, Monday at 9 am, slow flow

April 6th, Monday at 5:30 pm, slow flow  To be determined. Check back on Sunday.

April 7th, Tuesday at 7:30 am sore and stiff  J

You can practice by clicking on the link and checking it out. I paid for Z, you can use the free version. It will have you register. Sign up with an email and a password.

The 7:30 am class on Tuesday and Friday is going to continue. I will decide on Sunday about the schedule for next week for other classes, such as the 9 am classes and the 5:30 pm class on Monday. I will post it here on Sunday. I welcome any feed back. And if you have any questions, let me know.

Money……Your choice; keep track at home and someday mark it off your card. Don’t worry about it! Pay what you can. Send a check or a dollar. Really what I would like is for yoga to be available to all. This is a stressful time and if you know someone who could use some yoga to help them get thru, send them the code, anyone is welcome to join a class.


    • Christina Elizabeth McCarthy on April 1, 2020 at 11:42 am

    Thank You 😊- for so many things….for standing over my face months ago in class and encouraging me to reach out to Susan McNaulty. I listened.
    This Zen poem is my daily mantra – yet you gave me permission to break it down – line by line … Oooh! Like, i can take my time !?
    Christina McCarthy

    1. Thank you! for being there. I need to see Susan!

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